Flat Roof Repairs

Replacing a flat roof on a flat roof extension in South Dublin By South Dublin Roofing

South Dublin Flat Roof Repair 

We at South Dublin Roofing have been providing premium roofing repair services to homeowners based in Dublin City since our establishment in 1989. Our services are offered by professionals who acknowledge and fix both minor and major roof damage to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Our roofing repair experts are reliable in providing excellent and professional roofing repair even in emergencies. We ensure that we finish the roof repairs within two business days because we understand the importance of a roof to your house. We deliver quality work to ensure that you are comfortable in your house and not afraid that the roof may get damaged again.

When your roof requires repair or fixing, you should consult us because we will provide a solution that brings your roof back to its original look. We provide a free roof inspection to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with a free quotation on the fee you should pay for our services to help you decide before working with us.

We guarantee that our work will bring your roof back to its original condition and make sure you are confident and safe in your home. If you need roof repair or maintenance, don't hesitate to contact us for a free inspection and quote. We provide reliable and professional Services of Flat Roofing in Dublin .

new skylights fitted to a flat roof in Dublin by South Dublin Roofing

Flat Roof Fixes and Repairs

Over the last couple of years, flat roofs have become a preferred roof for homeowners as it is considered cheaper than a pitched roof. Your roof must cope with the unpredictable weather changes, the wind, and the climate of the region you have established your home.

A flat roof should not be flat but should instead have a small fall to allow water drainage. Where your flat roof is flat, drainage may be an issue causing stagnant water, which may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and may require extra cleaning.

As a homeowner who seeks to install a flat roof, it is important to know what material your roofing is. Knowing the materials used to make the roof allows you to make better decisions concerning maintenance, repair, or replacing old roofs.

The following are the flat roofs that we exclusively deal with;

1. EPDM Rubber flat roof

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer EPDM is a synthetic rubber with durable black material and a great option for flat roofing. The rubber sheet is then glued on the roof's surface, or it can be weighed down on the room's surface using large river stones. The rubber roofing is easy to recognise by dint of its black material. The rubber is stretched then placed on insulation boards or fibreboards.

2. Fibreglass flat roof

Fibreglass allows natural sunlight to enter your house, best suited for your porch or living room space. A fibreglass roofing is stylish and functional, ranking it as your best option for a flat roof. The roofing is durable and strong from resin combined with it to serve you well.

3. Felt flat roof

Felt roofing provides a waterproof layer because it is made from tar, protecting the roof from leaking or seepage. The felt on the roof also acts as a shield against water and moisture. The excess water that collects on the felt flat roof is absorbed, and upon the heating of the roof by the sunlight, it evaporates.

It is a long-lasting material that lasts for a minimum of ten years to a maximum of twenty years; therefore, it is used as the roof's top layer. Felt roofing provides a good foundation; therefore, it can act as the bottom layer of the roof. 

new skylights fitted to a flat roof in Dublin by South Dublin Roofing

Flat Roof Repair Services That We Offer

Leaking roofs

Flat roofs majorly leak due to poor drainage when water collects on the top, especially when the roof is flat. Cracks are likely to occur on the roof caused by poor drainage. Our professionals will repair any cracks on your roof by sealing them using asphalt or bitumen.

The repair cost is calculated depending on the extent of the damage and labor cost. We offer a free quote before repairing after inspecting the damage on your roof.

Leaking drainage pipes

A flat roof should have drainage points to avoid stagnant water at the top. The drainage pipes may experience a blockage, rust, or the sealant may be damaged, allowing the water to seep that will require repair.

Tiles repair

High winds may lift your roof tiles, or your tiles may be peeling up. Where the tiles chip or break, your home may be exposed to roof leaks causing rainwater to flow into the house. We replace any damaged roof tiles, and where there are defective ones, we replace such.

Sagging roofs

An old roof may start sagging, making them unstable, which is hazardous for you as an occupant. The sagging may be caused by rot, wear and tear or weight placed on the roof.

Emergency services

When your roof requires to be fixed urgently, our professionals will repair your roof speedily without taking any shortcuts since shortcuts may be detrimental. We offer quality emergency repair services to build a relationship with you as our client.

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