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We are a premium roofing contractors that provide a quality roofing service for all the home owners in Dublin City & County.  We started in 1989 providing local roofing repairs services to local home owners in the South Dublin area but we now serve all of Dublin city and county into Kildare providing a full range of roofing repair and replacement services.  

Problems That We Can Address

Roofing services are always around to fix minor and mandatory roof situations. We are the professionals who believe in acknowledging your distinct roofing requirements and insights. Your roof is the icing on the cake for your home.

Most people make even their roof the finishing touch that protects them from dangerous or uncomfortable elements that come from high altitudes. Other households have even utilised their roofing designs and patterns to make distinct statements and create the ultimate finishing look. Keep reading to find out why a Free Quote & Roof Inspection from our top-of-the-line services could give customers new reasons to feel secure and covered inside of their own homes.

A Multitude of Helpful Services Offered

 Our clients have a variety of different reasons why they need our help with their roofing situations. We want you to understand your roof's particular purpose before purchasing any of our Customer Service & Work Guarantee services. We Are knowledgeable about every roofing design and purpose.  We are also prepared to perform roofing jobs that enhance critical functionalities like ventilation and downspout performance.

The Solution:

Getting roofing repairs and replacements done can be expensive and concerning initially until you know exactly what the damage is and what your options are with regard to getting it repaired, let us give you a free quote and a full roof inspection so you can be fully informed as to your options and how to get the project completed within your budget, call Alan now for a quote.

Some of The Services We Provide:

Fixing roof leaks

Roof leaks have a multitude of potential purposes. We can help you to avoid roof leaks with the maintenance that is required to ensure that your roof isn't neglected. We are also trained professionals who can spot a roofing situation so the leak is fixed in little to no time.

Roof shrinkage is one of the most common examples of roof damage that develops over time. You can contact our specialists to assess your roof to apply proper materials and installation techniques. We believe that the roof shouldn't be the limit that defines a top-of-the-line experience.

Lead valley pointing and repairs

 Every leaf valley was constructed to help leaves and other substances find their way to the ground. This doesn't mean that the leaves don't get backed up over time if the system isn't properly addressed. We apply our skills to make sure that your roof doesn't turn into a water blocking problem that could cause bacteria and unwanted fungal sites.

Gutter supply and replacement

Your gutter needs to be properly sized and readjusted with the proper measurements. We work to use the right cutting tools to ensure that every approach and application is used efficiently. This is a specific procedure that requires proper drills, glue, and cutting techniques to produce a fully functioning gutter.

Extension Slate Roofing

We offer superb slate roofing services. We are also willing to work with customers to get the ideal price. This is the roofing material that works well against varying weather conditions because it is fire-resistant, mould-resistant, and more durable against breakage. Professionals are sure to avoid installing their slate roofing materials like they are traditional asphalt materials. This is because we are equipped and trained to make professional decisions about slate thickness and layering techniques.

Roof Specialists That Actually Care

Our helpful roofing website is available to you 24/7 to give you a more controllable and interactive shopping experience. This website gives customers more time to assess their purchasing plans and necessities. You can also find credible information about the company's history and location so that you can feel confident in purchasing services from us. 

Our Specialists are also knowledgeable about the entire process of analysing a roof so that it directly enhances your property's purpose. 

We are also working to finish each roofing job in as little time as possible. We believe in getting the job done in as little as one to two business days. We know that waiting overnight to finish a product could create opportunities for more damage and wasted money.

Contact South Dublin Roofing To get a Free Roof Inspection & Quote so you can hear more great information about these prestigious roofing services.

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