About Us

  Our business is built on providing quality roofing solutions to homeowners and builders in the south Dublin area and are a family run business that is certified and licensed and stand by all our work to make sure all our customers get the very best work and roof protection that is available. If you ...

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Guttering in Terenure

Guttering Roofing Roof Repairs in Co. Dublin
Gutter Services in Terenure. Roofing and Guttering Services Terenure at cost price. Guttering is an essential part of any home. For those who are unfamiliar with the gutter is is the external furniture attached the outside of our homes and other propertys which is used to channel rainwater away from the structure as quickly and ...

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Flat Roof Repairs and Installations in Terenure

Flat Roof Installation and Repairs Terenure Dublin
Flat Roof Specialists in the Dublin Area Flat roofing has come along way in the last then years since the days of them just being a cheap alternative to a pitch roof and nearly always leaking. That has changed now and thanks to the development of better materials. We live in a climate of consistent ...

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Chimneys Repairs & Rebuilds

Chimney Repairs in Dublin
Chimneys Repairs & Rebuilds in Terenure Terenure Roofing are offering chimney reconstruction, block or brick chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, roofing repair and chimney rebuilds, and chimney rebuilds.  Cracking, water leaking, element exposure, usage, time, and lack of maintenance can render your chimney structurally weakness, resulting in the need for chimney repairs or chimney rebuild. ...

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